Monday, November 12, 2012

There are so much things going on these days that i do not really know where to start.

Start from the last present that past.

I just had a really good day with jiafang at chomp chomp - the Orh Zian, Satay, Cha kwa tiao, Sugarcane drink, Smoked Chicken Wings. It was so much nice food it feels so good spending time with my gf. We both had a fruitful day, she did two races in two days and i had tkd in the morning and working in the gym in the noon.
Life's been revolving around the gym and the development of the gym. It's been a challenging and yet relaxed in a freedom sense. I get to do what i want because i am my own boss. I get to do things the way i want to do things; i control when, how, why, what, whom of the whole business. Its amazing. Going into end 2012 and planning for a HUGE 2013. That is my focus + my girlfriend and my family :)

I am going to take a quan jia fu (family picture) tomorrow. and it will be a really good break for everyone, doing one thing together. Though for a brief moment of the day. What nostalgic reminder, its been 1 year since graduation. I have done much.

Much more to go! HUAT AH!


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