Tuesday, November 27, 2012

There is a marathon this weekend and i am so unprepared once again. Went for a 21km run this past sunday and end up we ran 15km? before i gave up and we started to run. The legs just can't catch up with my lungs. I hope things will be better come Sunday. Got to carbo load this week and got to have good rest this week.

I have started to sent out resume once again and that is simply because i really need to top up my savings once again. Starting a business and doing full time ain't that easy afterall, especially when it is at an industry where folks do not see a genuine long term future in. BUT, determine i am to make this venture something different from others that have strided out. We are going to be the best out there.

There are fears in me, definitely.

How am i going to keep near to zero income when i have a girlfriend - marraige needs money, dating needs money etc.

What am i going to do when the current tide of students inflow die down?

What am i going to do with my instructors if they do not listen to my instructions? - as they just like smrt bus drivers, or sia pilots; the business moves because of their services.

My parents ain't getting younger and my bother and i will need to make this successfull in a certain period if not we will need to step out of it because we will need to support our parents; this is also true for our instructors - can't be paying them peanuts all the way, resulting problem will suffice.


Understand each problem really needs a plan and a thought process to solve it. And that is how i am going to approach it. Not waiting for things to happen, because i just simply cannot do that.


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